There’s a wide variety of products available to help you save for your retirement. Because the future is uncertain, one of the best ways you can ensure that you’ll be able to meet the unknown expenses that may lie down the road is to include a variety of funding sources in your retirement package. One product that offers a unique level of stability is an annuity service.

Finally, when it comes to preparing for the future peace of mind is your ultimate goal. Annuity Insurance is a unique offering of providing you insurance against the day that your income runs out. A way of investing in your future to ensure that you have financial security for when you need it most. 

What is an annuity?

An annuity is a type of insurance for which you pay a premium up front to go towards your retirement income. Then, when you the set age for your policy, you’ll begin to receive a set check amount for the remainder of your life.

How does an annuity work?

The annuity is funded by the collection of those people like yourself who have purchased the annuity. Mathematically, a portion of those people who have invested in the annuity will not live long enough to collect the annuity payments. These funds, combined with the interest earned off of your invested premium, are paid out to you for the duration of your life between the payout age of your annuity plan and your death.

Why should I have an annuity policy with Intelli Choice?

Because you are essentially purchasing insurance on the risk of your retirement costs, an annuity is a more stable form of retirement income than some other source types. While a 401K or other savings plan may lose value based on the market, you are guaranteed a specific amount to be paid out for your annuity based on your policy. You don’t have to watch stock prices rise and fall wondering what it will do to your retirement income, you can trust that a set amount will be available when the time comes. 

annuity insurance

 To purchase an annuity policy to add towards your retirement portfolio, or to ask for more information on how an annuity can benefit you, give us a call today.