As a recognition of the hard work we put into every policy we sell, we are a certified Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider. This means we have met the rigorous standards for customer service and quality set by the Dave Ramsey organization. To earn this privilege, a representative from the Dave Ramsey ELP program reviewed our customer service history, then continues to monitor our customer service interactions on an ongoing basis, to ensure we work with a “Client-Centered Mentality.”

That means that as a service provider, we work to put you and your needs at the center of what we do.

We do not push a “hard sell,” but instead we genuinely seeking to find the best product for your specific needs. When we sit down with you as a potential client, we aren’t looking at you as someone we need to sell a product to, rather we see you as a client we are looking to serve. That means in many cases, we may offer you products that are less than you are anticipating spending, or we may even recommend a smaller policy than you expect. We also aren’t going to quote you an unworkably small price by driving you to a provider who’s cheap but unreliable or offers coverage that may not actually give you the service you need.

Our goal is not to find ways to get you to spend money or trap you with deceptively low offer prices, but rather to find ways to ensure you are covered by a reliable provider at a price you can afford.

Business Insurance in Cincinnati, OH

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