You’ve forged a place for yourself in a demanding marketplace with hard work and dedication, but because of the unique needs of your business, you may struggle with finding the right kind of insurance package for your business. While some agents have limited knowledge of specialty products and even few products to offer, Intelli Choice Insurance goes the extra mile to make sure your insurance package is comprehensive and your business is covered.

Specialty offerings include, but are not limited to: 

• Agriculture Insurance

• Auto Dealers Insurance

• Car Wash Insurance

• Convenience Stores Insurance

• Electricians Insurance

• Farm Insurance

• Health & Fitness Center Insurance

• Landlord Protection

• Liquor Liability Insurance

• Restaurant Insurance

• Salon & Barber Insurance

In addition, we work with Artisan Contractors and tradesmen who have special equipment, practices, and risks that differ from other professions. 

• Plumbers

• Electricians

• Excavators

• Roofers

• Carpenters

• Exterminators

Self-employed artisan contractors know how challenging and expensive it can be to obtain the right insurance.  Intelli Choice offers Artisan Contractor’s Insurance that is tailored to the specific needs of independent contractors.  Artisan Contractor’s insurance is a great alternative to basic contractors’ insurance.  With perks like Certificates of Insurance and custom coverage options, Intelli Choice cuts through the red tape and gets contractors back on the job.

Specialty Business insurance near me

Special Coverage Made For You

You shouldn’t have to fight for the right insurance or spend obscene amounts of money.  If your industry requires specific insurance coverage that isn’t covered by other policies, Intelli Choice is here for you.  We will help you create an insurance package that protects you and your business from damages or accidents.  Spend less time worrying about things beyond your control and more time doing what you love.