If you own a business, the most important assets you can protect is your team. We offer specialty coverage to ensure your team can rest easy. It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re not only keeping them safe, but providing for them if they’re harmed on the job. Providing quality coverage to your team has a dramatic effect on their morale and builds loyalty in your employees.

The “Experience Modification” Factor

Insurance companies use a factor called “experience modification” to determine how risky your business is to their company, and therefore how much they charge in rates. The lower your experience modification, the lower rate you’ll end up paying for workers comp.

Intelli Choice Insurance can help you drive down your experience modification rating, resulting in lower premiums. With our knowledge of the local community, we can secure you a lower rate for workers compensation insurance.

Workers' Comp Insurance

Your employees work hard to make your business successful. If one of them were to get sick or injured while on the job, would you be able to cover medical bills or pay the legal fees for a possible lawsuit?

That’s where workers compensation comes in. It covers your employees in the event of an injury or illness resulting from their work; and it protects your company from potentially high medical costs or a pricy lawsuit that could decimate your finances.

You want your employees to be safe. You want your workplace to be safe. But even in the most careful and conscientious of business locations, accidents can sometimes happen. Worker’s Compensation Insurance helps guarantee that your employees are protected from personal financial liability when injured in the workplace. We help connect you to reliable providers who offer policies you can count on, so you can focus on keeping your employees cared for and your workplace moving.

Group Health

A sick or injured employee is an employee who won’t be able to do their job. You care about your team and you care about your business. Quality group health insurance coverage helps you take care of both. Intelli Choice Insurance will help you find Group Health Insurance plans that will fit your needs, offering quality coverage to keep your employees healthy and happy, while also ensuring your business needs and budget are met.

Employment insurance

Abuse and Molestation Coverage

If you work with vulnerable members of the population, you owe it to them to have proper insurance coverage. You work hard to select the right staff and to train them well, but sometimes the worst case can happen anyways. Abuse and Molestation coverage ensures that you are able to cover the costs that may be sustained in such cases. What’s more, these coverage policies can also protect your staff, by helping to cover the costs of experts for investigation and defense against spurious charges.

If your non-profit business or organization deals directly or indirectly with children, there are a few inherent risks that you should be prepared for. While your intentions may be good as an organization, you could still find yourself faced with serious allegations and sometimes even lawsuits. Whether it is an employee to blame or just false accusations, the expenses to your organization can be devastating.

Abuse and molestation insurance is vital for orphanages, churches, day cares, non-profits, and any organization that works with children. You want to be able to carry on the good that you do, and abuse and molestation insurance can help you get through false accusations intact.

Going Beyond Basic Liability Insurance

You may have regular liability insurance for your business or nonprofit organization, but it will not cover abuse and molestation charges that you may eventually deal with.

With abuse and molestation insurance, you can be sure that when these types of charges come up you are completely covered. Here is how our coverage goes beyond regular liability:

  • $1,000,000 limits for the coverage including ongoing therapy/counseling
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability

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