Nothing affects your personal peace of mind quite like financial issues.

Wondering what could happen if you are sick or injured can leave you with a sense of uncertainty and stress that drives you into an unhealthy state. You don’t want to leave your family wondering in a crisis how things will be paid for, or in the worst case scenario how end of life costs will be met. That’s where personal insurance coverage can ensure you avoid these scenarios and have the calm mindedness that comes from knowing there’s a plan in place.

You never know what tomorrow may bring, and while protecting your belongings is important, protecting your person is even more important. Whether it’s preparing for long term care or just ensuring you have day to day health insurance coverage, we can answer your questions and give you peace of mind. 

Your health and your life are the most valuable things you can have. No matter what happens to your car, your home, or your business, your own health is all you have left. With that in mind, we take a particular sense of determination when it comes to helping you find the right insurance policy for when it comes to your own health and life. Whether it’s insurance against possible illness, or for providing for end of life expenses, you don’t want to be facing some of the most emotionally trying times in life while also fighting with your insurance company. Intelli Choice Insurance can help you find coverage that keeps you covered and able to focus on the things that matter most when you need it.

Long Term Care

Many health insurance plans don’t include long term care, but the US Government Administration on Aging states that the average American could face long term care costs as high as $253 a day or $7,698 per month. Making sure you or your loved ones are cared for in the sunset days of life is important, and you want to spend those years focusing as much as possible on spending quality time with loved ones, not navigating the troubling world of insurance and long term care costs. Long Term Care Insurance with Intelli Choice helps make sure you have prepared for those moments, and frees you to enjoy every precious moment life can give to those you care about.

Medicare Supplemental

also know as “Medigap” - ensures that you won’t have to face unexpected burdensome medical expenses when Medicare doesn’t have you completely covered. Offering help with copays, deductibles, and coinsurance costs, Medicare Supplemental is what the name implies, a supplement to Medicare coverage. When Medicare has already covered the government approved costs, Medigap insurance steps in to help with the remaining amount.